Single implant /bone graft
wisdom tooth surgery bilateral

Single implant placement and bone graft bilateral and wisdom tooth surgery bilateral

Dental implants are a simple and simple method of restoring stability and aesthetics to the mouth. Another aspect of dental implants is the time and efficiency of dentures, which makes them one of the most predictable dental procedures. Dental implants are made of titanium and fit into the bone to create a replica of your roots.  

The single implant tooth provides a natural-looking restoration that gives you teeth that emerge from your gums like real gums. If you are missing a single tooth, the implant crown can replace it and give you a more natural tooth. This means that you get a restored and better smile effect on your other teeth.  

When a tooth is replaced, the implant supports the crown and preserves the integrity of the adjacent teeth. Dental implants can work like natural teeth, but you need to maintain them like all other natural teeth with good daily oral hygiene. It is important to properly understand how your implant looks and feels like your natural teeth.  

Before you decide on a dental implant, you should discuss the possibilities with your implant dentist in detail. Dental Implants team of dentists will make sure that you feel comfortable and understand the procedure at every step. The traditional approach to dental implants is to insert a single implant (artificial root) to support an individual replacement tooth.    Show Sources




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