Self-Ligating Brackets

What You Need To Know About Self-Ligating Brackets


self-ligating brackets is the most complete self ligating bracket system in the world. Whether you choose metal or clear, this award winning bracket enhances your treatment expertise.

Two of the most common questions orthodontists hear from new patients are about the length of treatment and the comfort level they will experience in braces. The third is how visible will they be.
Although highly effective (and usually more cost effective), traditional braces are always the subject of scrutiny when it comes to both of those issues. Technological advancements in orthodontics are constantly looking at alternatives to improving on the level of discomfort as well as time spent undergoing treatment.
One of those alternatives to consider is self-ligating brackets—also known as Damon Braces or Smart Brackets.

What are Self-Ligating Braces?

In the case of your more traditional braces, the orthodontist uses elastics to keep the archwire on the bracket. In self-ligating braces, the archwire is held in place by the bracket itself by closing a small, spring-loaded door.

Although the popularity of this bracket style has climbed over the last 10 years or so, the system itself has been around since the mid-1930s. There are numerous manufacturers of this type of bracketing system.

Here are some of the facts you should consider before making a decision about whether to choose self-ligating braces.



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