What Is Orthodontics?

what is the orthodontics


Accelerated braces: Accelerated orthodontics is a new concept in orthodontic treatment that can accomplish the same goals as traditional orthodontics in much less time. If you’re feeling self-conscious and concerned about crooked or protruding teeth, you’re not alone. Not everyone has naturally perfect alignment, but thanks to orthodontics, you can have just that. What is orthodontics, you ask? Here’s a full definition that just might have you rethinking your smile.

Types of Orthodontic Problems

Orthodontic misalignments, called malocclusions, can indicate a number of different conditions. Inherited malocclusions include jaw growth problems, congenitally missing teeth, extra teeth, crowded or protruded teeth and spacing problems. However, the premature loss of baby teeth, retention of baby teeth, thumb- or finger-sucking, accidents and certain types of dental disease can also result in a need for orthodontic treatment.



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