Flouride Application

Fluoride application

flouride application

Fluoride Application (or fluoride, floride) is an element that is scientifically proven to prevent tooth decays. The toothpastes and mouthwashes on the market are important parts of daily mouth and tooth care practices because of their specific fluor content. In dental practices, on the other hand, products with fluor such as gel, foam and polish are applied directly on the teeth (locally or topically).

Why fluor is necessary for the teeth?

Fluor is important because it prevents the formation of tooth decays. Tooth decays start when the external layer of tooth called tooth enamel is dissolved by the acid produced by the tooth-decaying bacteria. Development of the tooth enamels of the newly growing teeth of the children requires time and therefore, young teeth are more prone to decaying during this period. Fluor helps enamel development by becoming a part of the tooth enamel, protects it from tooth-decaying bacteria and the damage caused by the acid produced by such bacteria. In addition, fluor also prevents the progress of new white stain decays.

How many fluor applications are there?

There are two types of fluor applications: systemic and local (topical). The studies conducted in the past years report that fluoride systematically taken into body through drinking water, table salt and milk has a protective effect on the teeth.



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